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Inspired Philanthropy
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Inpired Philanthropy GUEST: Tracy Fary, co-author with Melissa Kohner of BOOK: INSPIRED PHILANTHROPY: CREATING A GIVING PLAN - A WORKBOOK talks about giving in America. 70% of all Americans give about 3 to 4 hours of time each week., People with incomes below $10 K a year tend to give 3 times as much to charities as those with more money. Why? Perceptions are sometimes askew. People living in the suburbs may not realize the problems and teh extent of poverty in their communities. There are 1.4 million non-profits in this country which, according to Ms. Gary, contributes to a spitit of community in the US that contrasts with countries where taxes are higher and non-profits aren't needed to supplement government services.

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November 27, 1998
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November 27, 1998
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KPFA; Sheryl Flowers, Larry Bensky; November 27, 1998
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