Voices Of Pacifica : Geronimo Pratt And Sabina Virgo

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Voices Of Pacifica : Geronimo Pratt And Sabina Virgo
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VOICES OF PACIFICA / PRODUCER| Mark Torres : RECORDED| January, 1997 : PROGRAM| 7. - CONTENT: Hosted by Verna Avery Brown. This program is seventh in a series of twenty six, which explores the opinions and ideas of some of America's most intriguing figures. This program features Geronimo Pratt and Sabina Virgo. Germonimo Pratt is the former Black Panther leader who's been serving a life sentence since 1972 for the 1968 Los Angeles murder. This talk was recorded from San Quentin prison in 1981. Sabina Virgo is an author, activist and public speaker. This speech explores the corporate and political magicians in society. - BROADCAST: January 15, 1997. RESTRICTIONS: None.

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January 15, 1997
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