Gay Programming Kpft| 1975-1985

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Gay Programming Kpft| 1975-1985
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Gay Programming Kpft| 1975-1985 / Produced by KPFT. - CONTENT: Excerpts from gay and lesbian themed programming broadcasted on KPFT from 1975 to 1985, including a historic overview of the gay community in Houston. Excerpts include, the series WildeStein.
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<br />Ray Hill Interviews:
<br />-Dr. C.A. Tripp author of "The Homosexual Matrix" / Music by Margie Adams
<br />-Richard Burkheart discusses Integrity/Houston, Houston's first gay organization
<br />
<br />-Gay Day Announcements
<br />-Speech given at a candle light vigil ceremony honoring Harvey Milk in November 2, 1978.
<br />-Speech by Congressman Mickey Leland at city hall rally against police brutality in Houston.
<br />-Coverage of Fred Paez shooting by Houston Police Officer (1980)
<br />-Margie Adams "I am Not a Service Station"
<br />-Talk about the gay community and the fair housing ordinance - Citizens for United Austin
<br />-1983 story about AIDS
<br />-National Gay Task Force
<br />-Referendum related to discrimination against homosexuals.
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<br /> - Broadcast circa 1985.

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KPFT / 1985
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