Out And About : A Gay And Lesbian Soap Opera

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Out And About : A Gay And Lesbian Soap Opera
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Out And About : A Gay And Lesbian Soap Opera / written and produced by Ben Thomas-Morgan. Twentyone part gay and lesbian soap opera, set in the mythical town of Terra's Gate. The characters deal with coming out, 'straight' lovers, suicidal thoughts, religious reservations, a party-of-the-year, and prissy radio homophobes. CONTENT: pt.15. Lee, Richard, Peter and Judy go to Los Angeles for Lee's T.V. audition (13:30) -- pt.16. The gang meet producer-director Paul Freelander| Rose offers Shawn unwanted advise (10:00) -- pt.17. Lee auditions for the part in OIL| Rose goes to Rusty's party (9:00) -- pt.18. Shawn goes to a gay bar| Rose small talks| Paul Freelander calls Lee and Judy (8:30) -- pt.19. Shawn's night out| Rusty's party ends| Paul's offer to Judy (7:30) -- pt.20. Judy is missing| Shawn and Rose are in good moods after their adventures| Shawn and Rusty bump into each other (8:30) -- pt.21. Shawn compete's for Rose's affection| Richard, Lee, Peter and Judy fly home (9:00). - BROADCAST: Satellite, June-Sept. 1992.

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