Pacifica Peace Watch : 29 Mar. 1991

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Pacifica Peace Watch : 29 Mar. 1991
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Pacifica Peace Watch : 29 Mar. 1991 / produced by Bill Wax. Daily news program produced from pieces submitted from Pacifica stations which will examine events in the Middle East following the U.S. led coalition's defeat of Iraq. CONTENT: Introduction (1:00) -- An international perspective on the New World Order / Michio Kaku (4:00) -- Bush and the New World Order / Noam Chomsky (7:00) -- Disunity among Middle Eastern Shiia's / Eric Hoblan (7:00) -- Who are the Islamic activists today? / Saed Ibrahim (4:00) -- Alternative media / Larry Bensky (3:00) -- The Vietnam War and the Press / Ben Bagdikian| interviewed by David Barsamian (4:00) -- American citizens in Washington DC / Eskiah Mohammed (7:00) -- FBI harrasment of students at UC Santa Barbara / Pat Dunn (4:00) -- The problems of oil fires / Edmundo Rescindez (4:00) -- Mini musical-drama (4:00). BROADCAST: Satellite, 29 Mar. 1991.

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