Spotlight On The Right Keynote Ii

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Spotlight On The Right Keynote Ii
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Spotlight On The Right Keynote Ii / Taped by Pam Burton, Ken Brown. - In his keynote address, Mel White, the national Minister of Justice for the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, the only Christian denomination with a primary outreach to gays and lesbians, shares his very personal odyssey from ghostwriter for personalities such as Pat Robertson to coming out as a gay man. Dr. White talks about the role of Dr. George Regas and All Saints Church in Pasadena played in his own transformation. Dr. White served the conservative Christian community as a best selling author, prize winning filmmaker and ghost writer to its most famous and powerful leaders, including Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Ollie North, and Pat Robertson. Mel White also addresses the need to understand the religious right and its goals. - RECORDED: 21 Nov. at the Homan Methodist Church in Los Angeles as part of The Spotlight on the Right Conference. The lead sponsor and organizer for the even was the Institute for the Study of the Religious Right, based in Los Angeles. - BROADCAST: 11 Dec. 1995, 2 pm.

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