Gaia And God : An Ecofeminist Theology Of Earth Healing

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Gaia And God : An Ecofeminist Theology Of Earth Healing
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Gaia And God : An Ecofeminist Theology Of Earth Healing / Rosemary Radford Ruether| introduced by Pat Rief. Talk by Rosemary Radford Ruether, who presents her concept of ecofeminism as a connection between the domination of women and the domination of nature. CONTENT: r.1. She argues that religious dogma, social institutions, and cultural mores have devalued nature, women, and 'women's work.' She traces the philosphical history of these viewpoints. Pantheistic religions center upon women goddesses and bring feminis to religion. The universe, Ruether suggests, is a great woman. She next compares three creation stories, Babylonian, Biblical, and Greek. She goes on to trace the development of Christianity through the views of Calvin, and the scientific revolution allows humans to dominate nature (65 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session concerning the assumptions and implications of ecofminism (25 min.). RECORDED: Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, 1993.

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