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The Chomsky Pearl Debate

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The Chomsky Pearl Debate
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The Chomsky Pearl Debate / Noam Chomsky and Richard Pearl| moderated by Shehal Saddam. - Debate concerning United States foreign policy and its history of interventionism. Their responses to questions highlight the differences in political assumptions between these two men. CONTENT: r.1. pt.1. Opening statements (20 min.)| pt.2. Chomsky and Pearl question one another| pt.3. Audience questions (39 min.) -- r.2. pt.1. Far East and Pacific Basin| pt.2. Palestinian situation| pt.3. Latin America| pt.4. United States foreign relations with the Third World| pt.5. Origins of the new foreign policy| pt.6. Examination of the policy process| pt.7. What is terrorism| pt.8. Examination of Central America and the Middle East (59 min.) - RECORDED: 1987?

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