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Consciousness raising--WBAI (Series record)
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This is the series record describing four episodes of Women's Consciousness-Raising groups on WBAI, each discussing a different topic, likely recorded and broadcast over the course of four weeks (BC0724.01-.04). The topics were as follows: r.1. Housework (44 min.) -- r.2. Adolescent puberty rituals (39 min.) -- r.3. Friendship and loneliness (42 min.) -- r.4. Sex and divorce (46 min.). None of these four tapes had a broadcast or creation date, and do not reference any dates in the recording.

According to WBAI folio research, consciousness-raising groups were first broadcast on WBAI on Friday November 6, 1970, organized by Nanette Rainone. The folio described them as follows "Consciousness-raising: Experiment in daytime programming especially for women. Created on the supposition that many women who would like to participate in women's liberation groups are prevented from doing so by circumstances (such as no babysitter). The idea is to bring consciousness-raising to you. Program will consist of pre-taped session running for approximately 45 minutes. During second half of program, you are invited to do your own consciousness-raising on the air. Call in on OX 7-8506." They continued to run on WBAI approximately every other Friday at 12:00 noon through August 1972. From October 1971 through April 1972, the folio indicates that the consciousness-raising groups were a group of ex-wives or separated wives discussing marriage, divorce and sex. This group of four recordings may come from that time period.

In September 1972 Nanette Rainone began a new series entitled "Women's School" at 8:45PM on Tuesday evenings, described in the folio as follows: "The feminist movement is turning from its introspective, consciousness-raising period to the intellectual and artistic disciplines. This new phase of the movement is explored. Listen to the air for details of the lectures and performers." This series continued on WBAI through February 1973. According to the WBAI folios, in March 1973, Helene Silverstein began producing women's consciousness-raising groups, along a similar format: part one was a recording of a group, part 2 was call-ins. These continued approximately every other Friday at 2:15PM until at least August 30, 1974 (we do not have folios from Sept-Dec 1974). In 1975 there do not appear to be any further consciousness-raising programs on WBAI.

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between November 6, 1970 and ca. August 30, 1974
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WBAI, between November 6, 1970 and ca. August 30, 1974
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4 reels (171 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1970-1974.
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