Roland Hanna (Episode 25 of 33)

Roland Hanna, piano, performs a jazz set with Clarence "Scoby" Stroman, drums, and Ron Carter, bass, at WBAI's Free Music Store on March 7, 1972. WBAI's Barbara Oka introduces the program. This program was recorded in stereo by David Rapkin and produced by the Music Department of WBAI. This recording was formerly cataloged as BC0709.20.

Jazz guitar / Jim Hall trio (Episode 21 of 33)

The second half of WBAI's Free Music Store concert from December 17, 1971 devoted to guitars (the first half featured classical guitarist Bill Matthews - see BC0709.16). This half features jazz guitarist Jim Hall performing with Benny Aronov, piano, and Ron Carter, bass.

National peace action coalition rally in Los Angeles (Part 1 of 4)

Actuality of a National Peace Action Coalition (NPAC) rally held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Los Angeles in April, 1971. The emcee for the evening is actor Georg Stanford Brown. On Reel 1, Brown introduces a film, "Hiroshima & Nagasaki", the audio of which can be heard on the recording, and introduces Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Yoshimura.

Krishnamurti at Santa Cruz. (Episode 1 of 4, Part 1 of 2)

Series of talks expressing various aspects of his philosophy.
pt.1. Nature of pleasure and pain (2 reels : 77 min.) -- pt.2. Fear leads to conflict (2 reels : 81 min.) -- pt.3. Thought, love, and death (2 reels : 85 min.) -- pt.4. Religion and meditation (2 reels : 78 min.).

Polaris into ploughshares

Reports on a demonstration at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo, California. Burton White and Alex Hoffman cover events at Vallejo, the conclusion of a 600 mile peace march organized by CNVA (Committee for Non-Violent Action) West. Twelve protesters declare their intention to go onto the base and talk with shipyard workers.

Remembering Richard Nixon (Part 1 of 2)

Retrospective documentary on the life and actions of Richard Nixon, mixed with live actuality from the Yorba Linda memorial service. Moderated by Larry Bensky.
Part 1 of this program contains: Funeral service described ; My personal experiences with Nixon / Frank Mankiewicz ; The Rise of an American politician / Roger Morris ; Janice Lieber musical parody ; Discussions with an anti-war Vietnamese-American and a student leader / T.T.
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