From the Vault 491: The Assassination of Alex Odeh

In this edition of From the Vault, hosted by Pacifica Radio guest-producer Gabriel San Roman, we look back on the October 11th, 1985 murder of Arab-American poet, lecturer, and political activist Alex Odeh in Santa Ana, California.

From the Vault 490: Feminist Author and Artist Kate Millett

This week on From the Vault we explore two recordings featuring one of the leading voices of feminism, author and artist Kate Millett, whose body of work in art, literature and activism has been instrumental in shaping second-wave feminism.

From the Vault 489: Dorothy Day

In this episode of From the Vault we feature a rare recording of journalist, activist, and Catholic Worker Movement co-founder Dorothy Day. In 1927, thirty years after her birth, Day converted to Catholicism, and a few years later started The Catholic Worker, a popular newspaper promoting Catholic teachings.

From the Vault 488: Andy Warhol

This week on From the Vault, Cal Green of WBAI's The Critical People speaks with artist Andy Warhol about his film Chelsea Girls in a rather unconventional interview recorded on June 3, 1967.

From the Vault 487: Women's Studies Professor Bonnie Morris

This week on From the Vault we highlight a visit to Pacifica Radio Archives from George Washington University Women's Studies Professor Bonnie Morris, who spent a day at the Archives listening to recordings preserved through our grant project, "Women Making History and Culture from 1963-1982." We spoke with Professor Morris after she had a chance to screen some of the newly-transferred audio; t

From the Vault 484: The Population Bomb

This week on From the Vault we present a 1968 interview with Stanford Professor Paul R. Ehrlich (noted population biologist and author of the book titled "The Population Bomb,") and Professor Dennis Parnell (Catholic scientist and biologist at California State College at Hayward).

From the Vault 483: Watts Rebellion 50th Anniversary Concert and Mixtape

Pacifica Radio Archives and From the Vault radio joined forces with the Grand Performances Summer Concert Series in Los Angeles to present a 50th Anniversary remembrance of the 1965 Watts Rebellion, in which social unrest over unemployment and police discrimination gripped this Southern California neighborhood for seven days resulting in 34 deaths and tens of millions of dollars in pro

From the Vault 482: Hiroshima

This week on From the Vault we feature some rare and outstanding live music performed in Pacifica station KPFT's studios, from one of the great Houston songwriters.
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