Visions: sculptor Altina interviewed by Pam Peabody

WPFW's Visions, a series on visual arts, features an interview with Altina (Schinasi), sculptor of portrait chairs and benches, and with Joan Mister, assistant director of Washington Women's Art Center. Altina talks about her background studying with George Grosz and about the work in her current show at the Touchstone Gallery.

Miss Black America 1980

This episode of Upstream features Sharon Wright, Miss Black America 1980. Wright was the thirteenth recipient of the title and after relinquishing the crown acted as spokesperson for Coca-Cola. She discusses her activities of the past year and gives advice to young girls who'd like to compete in the pageant.

Black women of achievement: Stephanie Colbert Hopkins

Interview with Stephanie Colbert Hopkins, president of Star Step, Inc, a public relations firm. Hopkins, a Black small business owner, discusses her professional and personal successes, the current job market for Black people, and the double stigma she faces as a business owner of being both Black and a woman. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Marie Smith.

Night voices: insomnia (Episode 1 of 4)

The first of a four-part radio theater piece conceived by director Joseph Chaikin entitled "Night Voices." Funded by the Satellite Program Development Fund, each program explores a different aspect of the time between wake and sleep. Each tape combines improvisation and text.

The Velvet Sledgehammer: September 20, 1978 (Production reel)

Production reel containing exerpts for the September 20, 1978 episode of The Velvet Sledgehammer, produced by Eileen Zalisk and Rose Jordan. Segments are: 1. Animal studies show cancer risk of Estrogens - produced by Eileen Zalisk; 2. Women in Cuba; 3.

The Velvet Sledgehammer: compilation of Sledgehammer Theater Review by Donna Allegra

A compilation of "Sledgehammer Theater Reports" by Donna Allegra. The reel contains the following: Allegra's review of the play "Talk to me like the rain." (October 1, 1980?); a report about two women's theater festivals--The Women's West Coast Performance and The Women's One World Festival (October 15, 1980); Allegra's review of "Girls! Girls!

Physicist Freda Salzman interviewed by Eileen Zalisk

On this episode of Women in Science, Eileen Zalisk interviews physicist Freda Salzman (1927 - 1981), who works as a professor of physics at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She discusses what lead her to a career in physics and her experiences and struggles as a woman working in the sciences.

The Velvet Sledgehammer: November 6, 1982 (Production reel)

Production reel containing excerpts for the June 8, 1982 episode of The Velvet Sledgehammer. Part one contains clips of Helen Caldicott speaking about the threat of nuclear weapons; part two contains an unnamed speaker (Parsons?) at an Upper West Side Manhattan, NY town meeting on nuclear freeze and nuclear reduction, reading a telegram from Senator Edward M.
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