Labor fights for the ERA

This episode of "Them and Us" is asking "Should labor unions support ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)?". Hosts are Carmen Delle Donne and Karen Boyd. Guests are Lizzie Corban, Sarah Nelson, and Susan Holleran. Includes live call-ins. Broadcast 1-19-78 Thursday, 7:00pm-8:00pm.

Jeriann Hilderly

Episode of Songs of Sappho's Daughters, featuring Jeriann Hilderly performing music. Opening and closing theme songs by Flash Silvermoon. Produced by Mark Giles with engineering by Peter Zanger and David Rapkin.

A Crime To Fit The Punishment: an interview with the filmmakers

Mimi Rosenberg speaks with Barbara A. Moss and Stephen Mack on their new film, "A Crime to Fit the Punishment" (1982), a documentary about the making of the 1954 controversial labor film "Salt of the Earth" during the height of the Hollywood blacklist.

Interview with Gerda Lerner on her book A Death of One's Own

Tricia Del Longo interviews Dr. Gerda Lerner (1920 - 2013), an historian and pioneer in the field of women's history. She recently published the book "A Death of One's Own," about her experiences with death, particularly that of her husband Carl Lerner. She discusses the right to die, the institutional neglect of the dying, her life, and her honest feelings during her husband's death.

Mary Jefferson

This episode of Upstream is on Mary Jefferson (1927 - 2002), a jazz and blues singer popular in Washington, D.C. Jefferson talks about young people's relationship to the blues and how the blues really originated with Black women. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Nikki Jeter. Program cuts out early.

Michelle Parkerson

This episode of Upstream features filmmaker and poet Michelle Parkerson who talks about the economics of being an independent artist. Parkerson talks about her most recent film, "...But Then She's Betty Carter" (1980), and how she supports herself as a filmmaker. Parkerson also reads some of her poetry in the second half of the program.

Women in Washington, D.C.

This episode of Upstream is on women and dating in Washington, D.C. Topics covered include dating as a working woman, fidelity, and prescribed gender roles. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Marie Smith.

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (Girls) Inc.

This episode of Upstream is on the National Association of Colored Women's (and Girls') Clubs, Inc. (NACWC) and includes interviews with several members of the organization. The guests are Otelia Champion, President of the NACWC; Samella Burton, President of the Northeastern Federation of the NACWC; Delia H.
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