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Women -- History.

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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
TZ0025 Daughters of heaven / Shelley Fitze ; interviewed by Clara Kern.

Playwrite Fitze discusses her play about the role of American women in early aviation.

KPFT, Aug. 1983.
TZ0024 Voices from the westward journey / compiled by Lillian Schlissel ; produced by Clara Kern.

In this radio adaptation of "Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey" compiled by...

American Women -- Women's history KPFT, July 1982.
TZ0023 Voices from the Kansas frontier / by Johanna L. Stratton ; produced by Clare Kern.

Dramatic radio adaptation of Stratton's book Pioneer Women: voices from the Kansas frontier...

KPFT, July 1983.
SZ0239 In America, we wear a new name / produced by Louise Cleveland and Deborah George.

Immigrant women discuss their struggles to become part of America while maintaining cherished...

KPFA, 1984.
SZ0236 English lessons / produced by Deborah George and Louise Cleveland.

Immigrant women from the turn-of-the-century through today discuss their educational struggles...

KPFA, 1984.
SZ0235 Daily bread / produced by Louise Cleveland and Deborah George.

Immigrant women describe their work as domestic servants, farm wives and shopkeepers.

KPFA, 1984.
SZ0234 Three tunes for an American songbook / produced by Deborah George and Louise Cleveland.

Three women immigrants from Russia, Greece and Italy in the early 1900's discuss the change...

KPFA, 1984.
SZ0231 The Half-open door / produced by Louise Cleveland and Deborah George.

Immigrants recall their arrival in the U.S. and the problems of the quota system, exclusion laws...

KPFA, 1984.
SZ0230 The Journey / produced by Louise Cleveland.

Reminiscences by women who immigrated to the United States. Includes reading of a 19th century...

KPFA, 1984.
KZ1218 For her own good : an interview with Deirdre English / produced by Pearl Skotnes.

About her book of 150 years of advice to women. Also includes documentaries on Harriet Tubman...

KPFK, Feb. 21, 1979.
KZ0883 Women passing / Lynn Fonfa

Lynn Fonfa, member of the San Francisco Lesbian History Project, talks about women who passed...

American Women -- Lesbians, American Women -- Women's history KPFK, Mar. 5, 1980.
KZ0578 International women, past and present / produced by Pearl Skotnes.

A documentary celebrating the history of women in political struggle: Clara Zetkin, Rosa...

American Women -- Radical Feminism, American Women -- International women KPFK, 8 Mar. 1978.
BC3021 In the living room with Adele Gutman Nathan.

Author Adele Gutman Nathan (1889 - 1986), among other things, was a suffragist who produced and...

American Women -- Women's history, American Women -- Theater, American Women -- Authors and journalists WBAI, 1976.
BC3011 Goddesses, whores, wives and slaves / Sarah Pomeroy ; interviewed by Viv Sutherland.

Viv Sutherland talks with Professor Sarah B. Pomeroy, associate professor in the Department of...

American Women -- Women's history WBAI, 28 Feb. 1976.
BC2248 The Three Marias: New Portuguese Letters / by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Theresa Horta, and Maria Fatima Velho Da Costa ; directed by Rena Down. (Part 2 only)

Reading of the book "The Three Marias: New Portuguese Letters." The book is a...

American Women -- International women, American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- Poetry KPFA, 6 Mar. 1975.
BC2196.05 Women, culture, and society / Diane Feeley.

An historical examination of the development of women's societal role traced by Diane...

American Women -- Women's history, American Women -- Anthropology and societal role WBAI, 1975 (day unknown)
BC1992 What have women done?

Based on the book published by the San Francisco Women's History Group, this program...

American Women -- Work and unions KPFK, 2 Sep 1974
BC0991 She also ran / produced by Jan Legnitto, Ruth Rosen and Isabel Welsh.

In 1872, Victoria C. Woodhull (1838-1927) became the first woman to run for President of the...

American Women -- Women's history, American Women -- Politicians and politics KPFA, 6 Nov. 1972.
BC0602 American women in history / Isabel Welsh ; interviewed by Judy Chicago.

Isabel Welsh, political scientist at UC Berkeley who was involved in the lawsuit against the...

American Women -- Women's history KPFK, 9 Feb. 1972.
BB4451.01 The traditional approach: part one (Episode 1 of 12)

Nancy Reeves, attorney, lecturer, and writer tests the traditional approach to the status of...

American Women -- Feminism KPFK, 11 Nov. 1966.
BB4147 Shakespeare's sister / Fran Teague

Talk about the discrimination and limited roles of women during the Renaissance. Fran Teague...

American Women -- Women's history KPFT, May 1972 and KPFK, September 5, 1972
AZ0807 Toward a worldwide women's movement / produced by Peggy Irene Bray, Bonnie MacGregor, and Mara Keller.

A documentary from a conference of African, Asian, Latin American, Soviet, and American women...

American Women -- Feminism, American Women -- International women KPFA, March 8, 1981.
AZ0758 The Queen of wands / written and read by Judy Grahn ; produced by Ginny Z. Berson.

Author reads and discusses her book about the perception of women over the centuries and around...

KPFA, 1983.
CSVWomen -- History.