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Sitton, Bob.

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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BC0221 The Skin trade / Bob Sitton and Portia Shapiro.

Discussion of pornographic films in San Francisco.

KPFA, 21 Feb 1971.
BC0219 An Interview with Melvin Van Peebles /

Director of the film Sweet Sweetback's Badass Song discuss filmmaking.

KPFA, 6 Mar. 1971.
BC0168 Fiddler on the roof / Bob Carroll ; interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Carroll discusses his experience in the stage production.

KPFA, 11 Apr. 1971.
BC0165 D.W. Griffith's legacy / Norman Dorn ; interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of Griffith's film Intolerance, and its impact on film history.

KPFA, 23 June 1971.
BC0113 The Committee / Allan Meyerson ; interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Founder of the anti-war organization discusses a recent fundraising effort headed by Jane Fonda...

KPFA, 3 Apr. 1971.
BC0111 Interview with Wade Stevenson / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Author discusses his book Beds.

KPFA, 14 Dec. 1970.
BB5277 The Untrustables : a tour of the silent generation / hosted by Bob Sitton.

Examination of poetry, music and politics during the 1950's. Includes guests John Hardy,...

KPFK, 16 Sept. 1970.
BB3821.04 A. Knight / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of his work in films.|A. KNIGHT / interviewed by Bob Sittion...

WBAI, 2 Dec. 1969.
BB2957.01-.18 The movies / interviews by Bob Sitton.

Series of interviews about the film industry.


r.1. The Western film archive / Sheldon Renan (30 min.) -- r.2. missing. -- r.3. Joe / Peter...

KPFA, 3 Sept. 1970-29 June 1971.
BB2956.02-.09 Avant-garde west / produced by Bob Sitton.

Series of talks and interviews exploring independent filmmaking in the San Francisco area.


r.1. Missing -- r.2. The Archetronists (30 min.) -- r.3. West Coast avant-garde school of film-...

KPFA, 24 Nov. 1970-22 Apr. 1971.
BB2851 Lights, camera, action / reported by Bob Sitton and Portia Shapiro.

Report on the First International Festival of Erotic Cinema.

KPFA, 13 Jan. 1971.
BB2850 A. Okion Ojigbo on African literature / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of the long tradition in African literature.

KPFA, 2 Nov. 1970.
BB2845 Will Rogers, Jr. / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion of the life and humor of his father, Will Rogers.

KPFA, 24 Dec. 1970.
BB2817 Peter Pollack on photography / interviewed by Bob Sitton.

Discussion on the development of photography as an art form.

KPFA, 18 Aug. 1970.
CSVSitton, Bob.