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Short stories.

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PRA Archive # Titlesort descending Description Genre Broadcast Date
BC2441 A Friend of Kafka / read by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Singer reads his narrative and answer audience questions about Franz Kafka.


Looking out / Tom Clark -- Distinctions / Peter Handke -- The Lost ones / Samuel Beckett.

KPFK, 3 Sept. 1971.
BC2441 A Friend of Kafka / read by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Singer reads his narrative and answer audience questions about Franz Kafka.


Looking out / Tom Clark -- Distinctions / Peter Handke -- The Lost ones / Samuel Beckett.

KPFK, 3 Sept. 1971.
BC2441 A Friend of Kafka / read by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Singer reads his narrative and answer audience questions about Franz Kafka.


Looking out / Tom Clark -- Distinctions / Peter Handke -- The Lost ones / Samuel Beckett.

KPFK, 3 Sept. 1971.
BC2441 A Friend of Kafka / read by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

Singer reads his narrative and answer audience questions about Franz Kafka.


Looking out / Tom Clark -- Distinctions / Peter Handke -- The Lost ones / Samuel Beckett.

KPFK, 3 Sept. 1971.
BB5351 Anais Nin : a reading.

Author reads Under a Glass Bell, Lillian, Julian, Sabina and an excerpt from Ladder of Fire.|...


Under a Glass Bell -- Lillian -- Julian -- Sabina -- Ladder of Fire.

WBAI, 22 May 1966.
AZ1010 Author Alice Walker reads the short story, Roselily

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker (1944 - ) reads her short story "Roselily...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination, American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFA, 1994.
PZ0147.02 Baby boom / produced by Jesse Boggs.

Radio musical which focusses upon how the nation is shaped by that one generation which was born...

PZ0147.10 By his bootstraps / by Robert A. Heinlein ; adapted and produced by Yuri Rasovsky ; featuring Richard Dreyfuss.

Radio adaptation of Heinlein's science fiction story about the convergence of various older...

BB5104 Carson McCullers reads.

Selected dramatic reading.


The Member of the wedding -- pt.2. other works.

KPFK, 13 Feb. 1963.
BC0590.01-.05 City life / by Donald Barthelme ; read by Gerard Van der Leun.

Readings from Barthelme'sbook of short stories City Life.


r.1."Views of my father weeping" (27 min.) -- r.2. "Paraguay" (17 min.) -- r...

KPFA, 16-29 Dec. 1971.
BB2806 Cops and robbers / by Jean Stafford ; read by Laura Malamut.

Selection from Stafford's collection of short stories.

KPFA, 11 Mar. 1969.
BC2720.01-.04 Donald Barthlme / interviewed by Judith Sherman.

Author reads and discusses selections from several of his novels and short stories.


r.1-2. The Dead father, I bought a little city, The Great hug, The Agreement, Nothing: a...

WBAI, 197-.
BB3370 Elliot Levine reads.

Reading of three short stories.


pt.1. The White rabbit caper / James Thurber (14 min.) -- pt.2. The Figgerin' of Aunt Wilma...

WBAI, 31 Jan. 1964.
BB4491.01-.04 Eric St. Clair reads his stories.

Stories read by author.

KPFK, 27 May-25 July 1968.
BB4024 Excerpts from Edgar Allan Poe / read by Conrad Pomerleau.

Reading of selections from Poe's writings.

WBAI, 15 Feb. 1963.
BC2574 Five tales by Lord Dunsany / read by Erik Bauersfeld and Bernard Mayes.

Reading of five Dunsay short stories.


Lobster salad -- The Workman -- Now the enemy can to Thlunrana -- The Dream of King Karna-Vootra...

KPFA, 1 Feb. 1964.
BC0883.01-.05 H.H. Hollis reads science fiction.

Reading of several science fiction short stories.


r.1. Carcinomia angels / Norman Spinrad (28 min.) -- r.2. Swordgame / H.H. Hollis (25 min.) -- r...

KPFT, 3 Apr. 1971.
PZ0147.11 Haircut / by Ring Lardner ; produced by David Ossman and Leo Lee.

Adaptation of the Ring Lardner short story "Haircut." The story takes place at two...

BB5246 In old Chinatown / by S.J. Perelman ; read by Norman Belkin.

Reading of Perelman's short description of Chinatown.

KPFK, 8 Aug. 1967.
PZ0147.04 Inland ice / Erik Bauersfeld.

Dramatic recreation of the experiences of the fourth Thule expedition which explored Greenland....

BB4928 John Epsey : three stories.

Epsey reads "Le Scouting in China," "One for the Mission," and "Undine...

KPFK, 20 Sept. 1962.
BB3352 Latest Gothic : the bottle imp / by Robert Louis Stevenson ; read by Isabella Fey.

Reading of two of Stevenson's short stories.|LATEST GOTHIC : THE BOTTLE IMP / by Robert...

WBAI, 29 Oct. 1962.
BC2219.01-.12 Mag-Time : Pacifica's literary magazine of the air / narrated and produced by Leonard Chabrowe.

Readings of contemporary stories and poetry.


r.1. H.L. Van Brunt's poetry and fiction of Andrew Purdy (45 min.) -- r.2. Menke Katz'...

WBAI, 1975.
BB5524 Maureen McIlroy reads

Maureen McIlroy reads two short stories: "War" by Luigi Pirandello, and "Near a...

American Women -- Authors and journalists KPFK, 23 Feb. 1971.
BC0559.01-.05 Millerabilia / written and read by Henry Miller.

Author reads selections from his own works.


pt.1. To Paint is to Love Again, Uterine Hunger, Reunion in Brooklyn, and Stand Still Like a...

KPFK, 4-25 Jan. 1972.
PZ0147.13 Neurotica : a coctail party in three acts / produced by Larry Massett.

A comedic/tragic radio party. The guests are a man who is clumsy, socially inept and hopelessly...

WZ0115 New voices in prose / read and produced by Stephanie Deutsch.

Readings of updated versions of classic children's stories.


r.1. Lionel among the nightengales. -- r.2. Day of the wizards. -- r.3. Brother rabbit.

WPFW, May, 1977.
PZ0147.08 Nightvoices / produced by Rick Harris ; directed by Joseph Chaikin.

Creative work among actors who shift from ensemble to duos to monologues in order to tell a...


R.1. Insomnia -- r.2. Patterns.

PZ0147.12 O-boy-o-boy-o / produced by Tom Lopez and Leo Lee.

Radio story set in the future where social workers swap stories (the big difference being their...

BC0508.01-.10 O. Henry is alive and well and living in Houston / read by Bill Blanton.

Readings of O. Henry's short stories.


r.1. The Green door and Lost on dress parade (31 min.) -- r.2. The Third ingredient (26 min...

KPFT, 29 Aug.1971.
BC0914.03 Poetry, prose and story telling / produced by Milton Hoffman.

Performance of The Giant with the three golden hairs, a story from the brothers Grimm, Spenser...

WBAI, 10 June 1972.
BB5148 Short shorts / read by Norman Belkin.

Reading of four short stories.


The Drunk pony / Jerome K. Jerome -- The Model / Jakob Wasserman -- Hearts and Hands / O. Henry...

KPFK, 5 Apr. 1968.
KZ0279 Silent snow, secret snow / by Conrad Aiken ; read by Dudley Knight.

Reading of a horror story.

KPFK, Aug. 31, 1977.
BB3299 Stories of Cronopios and Famas / by Julio Cortazar ; translated and read by Paul Blackburn and Robert Kelly.

Readings of Cortazar's short stories.


WBAI Folio notes, September [1960], vol. 1, no. 19, p. 3
Thursday, September 22, 8:15 p.m...

WBAI, 19 July 1962. First broadcast, September 1960.
SZ0546.01-?? Sure tales / produced by Robert Shure.

Consists of 12 five minute tales. These sagas present, in words and music, some new ideas on...

KZ2073 Suspension / Gary Taylor.

Reading of Gary Taylor's short story about a women obsessed with a man whom she experienced...

KZ1596 The Assassination of light : modern Saudi short stories / translated by Abu Bakr Bagader and Ava Molner Heinrichsdorff ; produced by Diane James.

Readings from an English translation of a collection of Arabic short stories.


r.1. Auntie Reqayyan's news : an elderly woman watches life from her window and gossips...

KPFK, 18 Dec. 1990.
BB4865 The Banquet years : Alfred Jarry, pataphysician / read by David Ossman and Fred Kory.

Reading of two of Jarry's short stories.


Dr. Fausroll -- The Supermale.

KPFK, 1965.
BB2809 The Bet / by Anton Chekov ; read by Bobbie Harms.

Reading of two of Chekov's short stories.


pt.l. The Bet -- pt.2. Without a Title.

KPFA, 23 Mar. 1971.
PZ0147.06 The Death of Ruth Tuck / produced by Scott Carrier and Ken Larsen.

A fictionalized ethnography which explores how we handle death. Composed of a series of...

BB2807 The Door in the wall / by H.G. Wells ; read by Bobbie Harms.

Reading of Wells' short story.

KPFA, 1 Oct. 1970.
BC1804 The Gospel According to Mark and The Zahir /

Reading of short stories by Argentinian author.

KPFK, 11 Apr. 1974.
WZ0053 The Loyal Japanese puppy / read and produced by Ken Dewire.

Short story.

WPFW, Feb. 21, 1977.
KZ0475 The Most dangerous game / by Richard Connell.

Radio dramatization of adventure short story.

KPFK, Nov. 24, 1977.
BC2365 The Radio / hosted by Charles Potter.

Reading of short stories.


Girls in Their Summer Dresses -- Taina -- The Tree Where Man Was Born.

WBAI, 13 Aug. 1975.
SZ0589.26 The Safety of objects / A.M. Homes ; produced by Tom Vitale.

Series in which authors read from their works, and discuss its implications and their intent.|...


A.M. Homes reads short stories from his anthology, and talks about absurdity in everyday life...

WBAI, 1990.
BB0792 To Esme with love and squalor / read by S.J. Stearns.

Reading of J.D. Salinger's short story.

KPFA, 21 July 1962.
BB3840.13 Truman Capote / introduced by John Malcom.

Author reads two of his short stories: "Among the Paths to Eden" and "Breakfast...

WBAI, 7 Oct. 1966.
BC2557 Two by Ambrose Bierce / reading by Erik Bauersfeld.

Reading of two short stories by Bierce.


Oil of Dog -- Esme.

KPFA, 13 Nov. 1970.
BC2553 Two by Edgar Allan Poe / read by Pat Franklyn and Erik Bauersfeld.

Reading of two Poe short stories.


A Predicament / Edgar Allan Poe -- The Tell-Tale-Heart / Edgar Allan Poe.

KPFA, 17 Nov. 1970.
BB5311 Two more from the North / by Anton Money.

Reading of selections from Money's book This was the North.


Grizzly -- Meat.

KPFK, 6 May 1966.
BC2564 Two short productions.

Reading of two short stories: one by Nigel Kneale and the other by Isaac Singer.


O Mirror, mirror / Nigel Kneale -- Shiddah and Kuziba / Isaac Singer.

KPFA, 23 Nov. 1970.
BB3684 Two short stories / read by William Styron and James Baldwin.

Authors read their own short stories.|TWO SHORT STORIES / read by William Styron and James...


pt.1. Lie down in the darkness / William Styron (14 min.) -- pt.2. Giovanni's room / James...

WBAI, 7 Oct. 1963.
BC2575 Two short stories by Edgar Allan Poe / read by Erik Bauersfeld.

Reading of two Poe short stories.


Man in the crowd -- Found in a bottle.

KPFA, 29 July 1964.
BB5078 Two stories from the north / by Anton Money.

Reading of two personal accounts of life in the cold north.


pt.1. Caribou (11 min.) -- pt.2. Zero (15 min.).

KPFK, 18 Sept. 1965.
WZ0056 Uncle Scrooge McDuck / read and produced by Ken Dewire.

Biography of the storybook character.

WPFW, Feb. 21, 1977.
BB3647 Ursule Molinaro.

Author reads two of her short stories.|URSULE MOLINARO...

WBAI, 2 Mar. 1961.
BB5019 Vignettes / by Liz Williams.

Readings from Williams Free Press column.


Girl of our times -- The Wealth of the world -- The Work of the eighth day -- Statement -- Hey,...

KPFK, 19 July 1966.
SZ0457 Visions and revisions / produced by Catherine Stifter.

Los Angeles women authors read selections of their original short stories and poetry. Readings...

BB3335 White slavery and the white rabbit caper / written and read by John Francia Goodwin ; introduced by Bill Faier.

Author reads two of his short stories.


pt.1. White Slavery -- pt.2. The White Rabbit Caper.

WBAI, 4 Sept. 1962.
KZ0023 Yiddish : the fabulous invalid / Herman Eichenthal.

Collection of literary works in Yiddish, translated for broadcast.

KPFK, Sept. 24, 1976.
CSVShort stories.