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Prison reform.

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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
KZ0168 Native Americans from prison / Paul Skyhorse and Richard Mohawk ; interviewed by Dorothy Healey.

Two American Indian Movement activists charged with murder discuss prison conditions, political...

KPFK, June 19, 1977.
IZ0042 Attica : five years after / produced by David Levine.

On consequences of the 1971 prison riot and current conditions; interview with John Hill. The...

WBAI, Sept. 14, 1976.
BC2785 Tom Wicker on prison reform.

Wicker discusses his experiences negotiating at the Attica prison riot, the prison system and...

WBAI, 9 Apr. 1972.
BC1317 On the abolition of prisons / David Dellinger and Julian Tepper.

Discussion of prisons by an attorney and a criminologist before the Capital Area American Civil...

KPFA, 1 Nov. 1972.
BC1098 Not to mourn for George Jackson, but to continue where he left off / Georgia Jackson ; interviewed by Karen Wald.

George Jackson's mother discusses her open letter concerning her son's death in San...

KPFA, 29 Sept. 1971.
BC1031.01-.02 Prison day : speeches, addresses, and discussions on the American prison system / introduced by Denny Smithson.

Conference pointing out the need for drastic reform of the American prison system.


pt.1. Keynote address / Tom Muron ; morning panel on perspectives on the present and future of...

KPFA, 8 June 1971.
BC0886 Angela's homecoming.

A few days after activist Angela Davis was found not guilty of all the charges against her, she...

American Women -- Activists, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFK, 1 Aug. 1972.
BC0655 Women in chains

Debra Smith, Tousha Wiley, Dolores Scott and Johnny Morris from the Harriet Tubman Prison...

American Women -- Law, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFK, February 21, 1972
BC0578 Howard Levy on prisons / interviewed by Barbara Spark.

Discussion of Levy's book, Going to Jail : The Political Prisoner, political prisoners and...

KPFK, 9 Dec. 1971.
BC0538 Our prisons shouldn't be reformed : they should be abandoned / Ramsey Clark.

United States Attorney General calls for massive changes in the American penalsystem.

KPFA, 21 Nov. 1972.
BC0505.03 Spokesmenfor the guards / produced by Jenny Stone.

Examination of the testimony from three correctionalemployees about their union organization and...

KPFA, 25 Oct. 1971.
BC0505.02 Attorneys for the defense / Faye Stender and Richard Berg.

Two defense attorneys testify about the problems in the prison system.

KPFA, 25 Oct. 1971.
BC0505.01 The Administrative view / produced by Bill Northwood.

Prisonadministrators express the problems they see within the system, and the difficulties that...

KPFA, 25 Oct. 1971.
BC0146 The Austin MacCormick Center / Peter Crysdale ; interviewed by Bill Northwood.

Director of a center for rehabilitation of men coming out of prison discusses the need for...

KPFA, 21 July 1971.
BC0145 Why jail reform? / Richard Korn ; interviewed by Betty Segal.

Discussion of the need for prison reform.

KPFA, 4 June 1971.
BC0021.24 The Institute on prisons / moderated by Karl Hess.

Members of the Institute for Policy Studies discuss America's prison problems.

WBAI, 24 Oct. 1971.
BB5299 From the seat of power / Philip Hirschkop.

Attorney testifying on prison reform.

WBAI, 1971.
AZ0125 Struggle at Walla Walla / produced by Kevin Burke.

Three members of the Washington state prison support groups discuss the maximum security...

KPFA, Oct. 10, 1977.
CSVPrison reform.