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Press and propaganda.

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PRA Archive # Title Description Genre Broadcast Datesort descending
BB0280 Myths and the press / narrated by Trevor Thomas.

On the furor caused by W. H. Ferry's anti-Hoover speech delivered 2 Aug. 1962.|MYTHS AND...

KPFA, 10 Sept. 1962.
KZ0820 The Me decade : hype or history / produced by Richard Mahler.

Interpretation of the 70s as a media-induced self-fulfilling prophecy.

KPFK, Dec. 31, 1979.
KZ1001 Media coverage of the 1980 presidential campaign : a critique / Todd Gitlin ; interviewed by Clare Spark.

On why the mass media were so accommodating to Ronald Reagan.

KPFK, Feb. 1, 1981.
KZ0213.01 The Real Jimmy Carter is standing up / Charles Morgan.

Commentary on the image and the substance of the Carter administration.

KPFK, July 18, 1977.
KZ0881 U.S. media and the history of U.S. intervention in Iran / Leonard Weinglass ; interviewed by Paul Lion.

On media'S

KPFK, June 19, 1980.
KZ1009 Blase Bonpare on El Salvador / interviewed by Clare Spark.

Activist and sociology professor offers counter-evidence to the official and mass media versions...

KPFK, Mar. 3, 1981.
KZ1369 Blase Bonpare on El Salvador : edited version / interviewed by Clare Spark.

Interview with activist and sociology professor Blase Bonpane who offers counter-evidence to...

KPFK, Mar. 3, 1981.
KZ0874 Are the Vietnamese the new "ugly Americans" of Southeast Asia? / Judy Coburn ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Southeast Asia correspondent refutes the media's presentation of Vietnam's invasion of...

KPFK, May 19, 1980.
KZ0909 The Whole world is watching : mass media and the making and unmaking of the New Left / Todd Gitlin ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Author discusses his book about the effect of mass media on movements and politics.

KPFK, May 8, 1980.
KZ0890 Violent use of female images in the media / Andrea Dworkin

Women Against Violence in Pornography & Media (WAVPM), a feminist group formed in 1977,...

American Women -- Violence against women, American Women -- Radical Feminism KPFK, Nov. 1978.
KZ0362 Media coverage of school integration in Los Angeles / Dennis Hicks ; interviewed by Claudia Fonda-Bonardi.

Media influence on public opinion.

KPFK, Sept. 23, 1977.
KZ0085 The Power of suggestion / produced by Carlos Hagen.

How music, recordings, and the media can influence people's desires and attitudes.

KPFK, Sept. 7, 1977.
IZ0150 The Iranian crisis and the media / Tony Ramos ; interviewed by Arnie Klein.

On U.S. press coverage of events in Iran.

WBAI, Jan. 7, 1980.
WZ0001 Independent presidential candidate / Eugene McCarthy ; interviewed by David Seldon.

Independent Presidental candidate Eugene McCarthy discusses his campaing and how it is viewed in...

WPFW, 1976?
CSVPress and propaganda.