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Pharmaceutical research.

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PRA Archive #sort ascending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
IZ0043 Societal implications of recent genetic research / Dr. Liebe Cavalieri.

Address on recombinant DNA to a group of citizens who live near the site of drug manufacturer...

WBAI, July 6, 1977.
BC1205 Human experimentation / Marcia Greenberg ; interviewed by David Selvin.

Marcia Greenberg, a Washington, D.C. lawyer, testified recently before a Senate sub-committee...

American Women -- Health, American Women -- Reproductive rights WBAI, 23 Feb. 1972.
BB4226.01-.03 Mindscope : medical aspects of marijuana / Dr. Ron Siegal ; interviewed by Sondra Gair.

Discussion of Siegal's psycho-pharmacological research at UCLA into the actual effects of...


r.1. Artistic aspects (32 min.) -- r.2. Social aspects (31 min.) -- r.3. Medical aspects (31 min...

KPFK, 17-31 May 1971.
BB3284 The Uses of L.S.D. / Dr. Humphrey Osmond ; interviewed by Paul Schaffer.

Director of psychiatric research for the State of New Jersey discusses the benifits of L.S.D....

WBAI, 18 Sept. 1966.
BB2039 New drugs in psychotherapy / Dr. Claudio Naranjo ; interviewed by Claire Isaacs.

Naranjo discusses the use and effects of the drugs Yage, Ibogaine, and MMDA.

KPFA, 25 Nov. 1966.
BB1341 Modern use of timeless drugs / moderated by L.S. Kimbrough.

Panel on drug research and experimentation.

KPFA, 12 Apr. 1966.
BB0002.12 Present-day drugs and their uses / by Dr. Jonathan O. Cole.

Speech on the varying effects of drugs on different people.

KPFA, 20 Apr. 1961.
BB0002.11 How the brain works / by Dr. Seymour S. Kety.

Speech on the effect of drugs on the brain and the body.

KPFA, 14 Apr. 1961.
BB0002.10 The Influence of drugs on the individual / by James Miller.

Speech on the effects of various drugs on an individual's personality.

KPFA, 16 Apr. 1961.
CSVPharmaceutical research.