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Gulf War, 1990-1991 -- Public opinion.

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TZ0051 Bush, the Persian Gulf crisis, and the African-American community / Sanders Anderson, Jr. ; interviewed by Shaun Keenan Gilson ; produced by Edmundo Resendez.

Sanders Anderson Jr., a political scientist at Black Texas Southern University in Houston,...

KPFT, 1 Mar. 1991.
KZ1592 Cynthia Hamilton.

Discussion about the Iraq Gulf War. Guests include Professor Gerald Horn, Chair of Black Studies...

KZ1458.01 Managing the propaganda war : the defense establishment and the media.

Conference with panel discussions which explore various aspects of mass media, particularly its...


r.1. pt.1. Keynote address / Alexander Cockburn, author of Corruptions of Empire ; pt.2. Panel...

KZ1605 Media censorship : a Gulf special / moderated by Roy Ulrich.

Panel discussion, via phone lines, about the media's coverate of the Gulf War, 1990-1991....

KPFK, 15 Jan. 1991.
KZ1620 Military dictatorship of the media / Dennis Bernstein.

Dennis Bernstein examines te power of information as witnessed by the TV war in the Gulf. Main...

KPFK, 23 Mar. 1991.
KZ1789 Officials lie while the media looks on / Jeff Cohen ; introduced by Linda Mitchell.

Linda Michell of FAIR, West Coast, reports on the new office and KCRW coverage of the Gulf War....

KZ1602 Polishing the stone / Craig Heulet ; interviewed by Pam Burton.

Craig heulet, a former corporate think tank employee, discusses United States actions in the...

KPFK, 12 Feb. 1991.
KZ1638 Take back your country : acting to clean up te world we live in / Helen Caldicott.

Speech by Helen Caldicott which points to the dangers humanity faces, and ways in which people...

SZ0768 The Brave new world order / Holly Sklar ; recorded by Bob DeBolt.

Talk on the American dream and a "Brave New World Order." The United States, argues...


r.1. Talk (73 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (22 min.).


r.1. Talk (73 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (22 min.).

IZ0306 The Media war : where do we go from here? / moderated by Laura Flanders.

Panel discussion on the role of mainsteam media in the public perception of the U.S. led war...


r.1. Jeff Cohen, Major Brandy, Bill Schapp, Robert Fisk, Jeff Cohen, Sarah Diamond (60 min.) --...

Satellite, 17 Apr. 1991.
KZ1598 The War and the media / Blase Bonpane.

Talk by Blase Bonpane, the Director of the Office of the Americas. He examines the media...

AZ0925 To win a war with nuclear weapons / Michio Kaku.

Michio Kaku, a professor of Nuclear Physics at the Graduate Center City University of New York,...

KPFA, 1991.
AZ0928 Unreliable sources : media selling of the Gulf War / Dennis Bernstein and Norman Soloman.

Examination of the ways Americans were viewing the Gulf War, 1990-1991, as the hostilities were...

KZ1625 War tax resistence / Ched Meyers ; interviewed by Ken Brown.

Ched Meyers, AFSC Pacific Southwest, discusses war tax resistance history, and the "40/40...

KPFK, 26 Mar. 1991.
CSVGulf War, 1990-1991 -- Public opinion.