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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
BB2196 Credit problems of the poor / interviews by Bill Schechner.

Social workers discuss the hardships and injustices encountered by the poor in dealing with...

KPFA, 19 Aug. 1969.
BB2197 Credit and the middle class / Bennie L. Cass ; interviewed by Bill Schechner.

Attorney and consumer consultant discusses how the truth-in-lending bill would assist the...

KPFA, 19 Aug. 1969.
BB2402 The two-factor theory / Louis O. Kelso and Patricia Hetter interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson

Louis O. Kelso and Patricia Hetter, originators of the economic theory "Two-factor theory,...

American Women -- Work and unions KPFA, April 12, 1970
BB3537 Democratic platform committee / John Kenneth Galbraith and Senator Gail McGee.

Two speeches by the Havard economics professor and the Republican from Wyoming.|DEMOCRATIC...

WBAI, 23 Aug. 1968.
BB4577 John Kenneth Galbraith / introduced by Gerald N. Hill.

Speech on U.S.politics and economics.|JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH / introduced by Gerald N. Hill...

KPFK, 12 Jan. 1968.
BC0298 Whatever happened to Keynesian economics? / Prof. Joan Robinson.

Discussion of economics and employment.

WBAI, 27 Apr. 1969.
BC1193 Cities in China / David Gordon and Bill Sennett ; interviewed by David Gelber.

Discussion of economics and China.

WBAI, Jan. 1973.
BC1750.01-.10 Victor Perlo economic commentary.

Discussion of various economic topics.


r.1. Oil shortage and the U.S. (16 min.) -- r.2. Inflation notes (ca. 10 min.) -- r.3. Economic...

WBAI, 20 Sept. 1973-2 Mar. 1974.
BC2135 Taking stock / produced by Vic Bedoian and Carl Carlson.

Examination of the stock market: how it works, its history and its relation to economic...

KPFK, 16 Jan. 1975.
BC2271 A Margin for terror / produced by Victor Vazquez.

Examination of the stock market and its effect on people outside the market.|A MARGIN FOR TERROR...

KPFK, 20 May 1975.
BC2770 Women and credit and other reports / produced by Robert Krulwich.

Reports on women and credit; a history of how the CIA hired or paid or gathered information from...

American Women -- Work and unions WBAI, 16 July 1975.
KZ0401.02 An Interpretation of Marx / Kay Hunt.

Lecture by U.C. Riverside professor defining Marx's terminology and applying those...

KPFK, July 24, 1977.
KZ0990 Alternatives to Reaganomics / Derek Shearer ; interviewed by Anita Frankel.

Economist, city planner, and author of Economic Democracy talks about economic planning as an...

KPFK, Dec. 11, 1981.
PZ0165.01 Introduction to the other economic summit / executive producer Bill Wax.

Introduction to the 1990 conference, with six talks.|INTRODUCTION TO THE OTHER ECONOMIC SUMMIT...


pt.1. Introduction / Alan Gussow, President -- pt.2. Talk by Ashis Nandy, India -- pt.3. Talk by...

PZ0165.03 Agriculture / executive producer Bill Wax.

Two talks. Jim Hightower, a populist Texas Agriculture Commissioner and author of Eat Your Heart...


r.1. Jim Hightower (48:30) -- r.2. Tony Mazzocchi (24:30).

PZ0165.05 Regenerating the economics of community / executive producer Bill Wax.

Several short speeches on the last day of the Conference.|REGENERATING THE ECONOMICS OF...


pt.1. Mel King, adjunct professor MIT department of Urban Studies and Planning -- pt.2. David...

PZ0165.06 The S & L sandel : getting away with it / executive producer Bill Wax.

Curtis Lange, a journalist, discusses the Savings and Loan sandel, and how he believes the...

PZ0165.09 The A.N.C. in a changing South Africa / executive producer Bill Wax.

Max Sisula, of the African National Congress, discussses the new role of that organization in...

PZ0287.403 Democracy Now! September 4, 1997

Good Samaritan Law; Washington D.C. Control Board; Civil Rights Leader Kunstler Remembered;...


Good Samaritan Law Among the charges that the six phographers and a motorcyclist held in...

September 4, 1997
PZ0287.417 Democracy Now! September 24, 1997

Congressional Pay and Ethics; Thalidomide; Wellstone


(14 Minutes) Congressional Pay and Ethics The House of Representatives moved to win a pay...

September 24, 1997
PZ0341.154 Russia: Collapsing economy, conflicted leadership, and the nuclear legacy

Russia: Collapsing Economy, Conflicted Leadership, and the Nuclear Legacy GUEST: Mark Weisbrot...

September 3, 1998
PZ0342.018 Democracy Now! October 26, 1998

Henry Can't Hyde; Doctor Killing


(33 Minutes) Henry Can't Hyde A look at Henry Hyde's own dirty secret. No we're...

October 26, 1998