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Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions

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PRA Archive # Title Description Genre Broadcast Datesort descending
BB0451 Introduction to the Garner case (Episode 2, Part 1 of 3)

This recording features Harry Kalven, Jr., of the University of Chicago Law School, and a panel...


Sound quality is poor and fluctuates wildly for the first five minutes of the recording.

KPFA, 16 Feb. 1964.
BB0395 Staff discussion / John Cogley and Alexander Meiklejohn (Episode 8, Part 1 of 2)

LAW AND SOCIETY / John Cogley and Alexander Meiklejohn. Discussion of the importance of the...

KPFA, 2 Apr. 1964.
BB0460 The Garner case (Episode 4, Part 3 of 3)

This is the third and concluding episode on the Garner vs. Louisiana case, and the fourth of 13...

KPFA, 23 Jan. 1964. First in KPFA Folio 1964-02-18
BB0474 Government of the mind / Robert Hutchins and Joseph Tussman. (Episode 12, Part 3 of 4)

This is twelfth in a series of thirteen programs produced by Florence Mischel from an extensive...

KPFA, 28 May 1964.
BB0403 Government of the mind part I / moderated by Joseph Tussman (Episode 10, Part 1 of 4)

Joseph Tussman, professor of philosophy at the University of California at Berkeley, leads this...

KPFA, 30 Apr. 1964.
BB0479 The Jury : safeguard or anachronism? / moderated by Harry Kalven (Episode 18)

FTC #75 The Law and Society. "The jury: safeguard or anachronism" Harry Kalven, Jr....


This program aired on KPFA on June 25, 1964 without association to "The law and society...

KPFA, July 1963
CSVCenter for the Study of Democratic Institutions