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Black Panther Party

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BB4541a Eldridge Cleaver At U.s.c.

Eldridge Cleaver At U.s.c...

BB4541b Eldridge Cleaver At U.s.c.

Eldridge Cleaver At U.s.c...

KZ2376 Assasinations, Conspiracies And Assorted Bogeymen

Assasinations, Conspiracies And Assorted Bogeymen / EARL OFARI HUCHINSON| Circa 1973...

PZ0287.133 Democracy Now : August 21 : Comments On Ralph Nader. George Jackson

Democracy Now : August 21 : Comments On Ralph Nader. George Jackson / Pacifica Foundation|...

SZ0144 Black Panthers before the press / Huey Newton.

Press conference with Huey Newton.|BLACK PANTHERS BEFORE THE PRESS...

SZ0174 Soledad brother / produced by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

On George Jackson and the Soledad Brothers case; also an interview with his mother, Mrs. George...

BC0148 Whatever happened to Timothy Leary? / produced by Bill Northwood.

Documentary with excerpts from an interview with Leary from 1966, Leary's statement after...

KPFA, 1 Apr. 1971.
BB5482 Eldridge Cleaver from Algiers.

Discussion of the drug culture, Dr. Timothy Leary and Rosemary Leary.

KPFA, 1 Feb. 1971.
BB5480 Bobby Seale press conference / interviewed by Earl Caldwell, Tim Findley, and David Lawsky.

Discussion of the Black Panther Party, its aims, and its methods.|BOBBY SEALE PRESS CONFERENCE...

KPFA, 11 Aug. 1971.
BB5485 Huey Newton Appeal rally / Masai Hewitt.

Masai Hewitt speaks at a demonstration for Huey Newton's appeal hearing.

KPFA, 11 Feb. 1970.
BC0618 Injustices in our legal system today / Charles Garry

Charles Garry, attorney for the Black Panther Party and other counter culture movements, speaks...

KPFA, 11 Nov. 1971, 17 Jan. 1972
BB5408 Press conference : Soledad defense committee.

John Thorne, Penny Jackson and Mrs. Georgia Jackson, mother of Jonathan and George Jackson,...

KPFA, 12 Aug. 1970.
BB2250.12 Religion vs. fascism seminar (Episode 12 of 12)

Portions of the Religion versus Fascism seminar held on Saturday, July 20, 1969 at Bobby Hutton...

KPFA, 13 Aug. 1969 and 21 Nov. 1969.
BB5460 Eldridge Cleaver's release / Charles Garry.

Actuality of the press conference held following Black Panther Party leader Cleaver's...

KPFA, 13 June 1968.
BB4136 Charlene Mitchell on Angela Davis's indictment

Charlene Mitchell is interviewed about the decisions Angela Davis made, including speaking out...

KPFA, 18 Jan. 1971.
BB2159 A Night in Chicago / produced by Elsa Knight Thompson.

A NIGHT IN CHICAGO / reported by Dale Minor, Phil Watson and Bob Fass. Produced by Elsa Knight...

KPFA, 19 Dec. 1968.
BB5466 Huey Newton's birthday party

On February 16, 1969 at the Berkeley Community Theatre, a large crowd celebrated the birthday of...

KPFA, 1969-05-25
BC2064 Turn on turn in cop out : the real dope on Leary? / produced by Adi Gevins and Kris Welch.

Discussion of the actions of Timothy Leary by Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Eldridge Cleaver, Ken...

KPFA, 197-.
BB5410 Eldridge Cleaver in Algiers.

Talk on the Black Panther Party.

KPFA, 1971.
BC0936 Kathleen Cleaver on Black Panther politics / interviewed by Yolanda de Freitas, Cheryl Johnson and Jean Wiley.

KPFA's Yolanda de Freitas, Jean Wiley of Third World Media News, and Cheryl Johnson of the...

American Women -- Activists, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination KPFA, 1972; KPFK, 12 Dec. 1972.
BB2367 Birthday card for Huey Newton.

Oscar Rios, Carleton Goodlet, Charles Garry, Ron Dellums, Don Cox, and David Hilliard give...

KPFA, 2 Apr. 1970.
BB2318 Eldridge Cleaver from outer space

Eldridge Cleaver, exiled Black Panther Party leader, gives a speech from somewhere in the Third...

KPFA, 2 July 1969; 30 Sept. 1969
BC0127 Five of Los Siete

Five members of Los Siete de la Raza discuss their imprisonment for the killing of San Francisco...



KPFA, 2 Nov. 1970.
BB2447 Interview with Bobby Seale and David Hilliard / interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Two Black Panther Party leaders discuss the issues addressed by their organization.|INTERVIEW...

KPFA, 20 June 1969.
BB5413 Huey Newton From Jail in Oakland, CA interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson

Elsa Knight Thompson interviews Huey Newton from jail in Oakland, California. They talk about...

KPFA, 21 May 1968.
BC0239.05A Roland Young, Seale, Craven on George Jackson (Part 1 of 2)

Roland Young moderates a discussion between Bobby Seale and Carolyn Craven on the implications...

KPFA, 22 Aug. 1971.
BC1564 Interview with George Jackson / by Max Bloom.

Interview with George Jackson conducted by Max Bloom of the Tribe. Recorded July 28, 1971 in San...

KPFA, 23 Aug. 1971.
BC0078 Huey Newton at Oakland Technical High School / introduced by Denny Smithson.

Black Panther Party founder talks to a group of high school students.|HUEY NEWTON AT OAKLAND...

KPFA, 23 Dec. 1970.
BB5481 Bobby Seale press conference on his arrival from Sweden. KPFA, 24 Mar. 1969.
BC1460 Huey Newton press conference.

Press conference to clarify Black Panther Party positions on the Middle East and Stokely...

KPFA, 26 Aug. 1970.
BC1684 Lockdown in California prisons : hunger strike in San Quentin / produced by Nancy Barrett, Mark Schwartz and Claude Marks.

Examination of conditions in San Quentin prison. Includes statements by George Jackson and...

KPFA, 29 Dec. 1973.
BC0968 A chicken in every bag : the Black Community Survival Conference.

Report and actuality of the Black Community Survival Conference held by the Black Panthers at...


Box cover says, "Return to Yolande De Freitas or Mitch Green," and "Ride Levels...

KPFA, 31 Mar. 1972.
BC1267 To mourn Fred Hampton is to move forward for the people / Elaine Brown ; interviewed by Larry Bensky.

Representative from the Black Panther Party Central Headquarters in Oakland discusses the growth...

KPFA, 4 Dec. 1972.
BB2319 An informal discussion of radical Bay Area politics

Tom Hayden (1939-), author, lecturer, and a founder of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS),...



KPFA, 4 Sept. 1969.
BB5452 Bobby Seale / recorded by Dr. Phillip Shapiro.

Seale, co-founder of Black Panther Party, discusses his political activities for Black equality...

KPFA, 5 Mar. 1971.
BC0982 Legal repression : the case of Ruchell Magee / produced by Mark Schwartz.

Examination of the pending trial of Ruchell Magee and its implications.

KPFA, 5 Oct. 1972.
BC1180 An Interview with Bobby Seale / interviewed by Ron Lai.

Discussion of Seale's political activities, trial, and the Black Panther party.|AN...

KPFA, 6 Dec. 1972.
BB5462 Bobby Seale in Oakland : the De Fremery Park rally

Bobby Seale delivers a speech about the aims and methods of the Black Panther Party, the day...

KPFA, 7 Apr. 1967.
BB5407 An Interview with Bobby Seale in the third world / interviewed by Roland Young.

Discussion of the Black Panther Party.

KPFA, 9 Mar. 1970.
BB5409 Bobby Seale from New Haven.

Discussion of the split between Seale and Eldridge Cleaver within the Black Panther Party.

KPFA, Mar. 1971.
AZ0268 We can change the world / produced by Laurie Garrett.

On the student protest movement which followed the invasion of Cambodia: the Kent State and...

KPFA, Mar. 1979.
AZ0478 Kwame Toure at U.C. Berkeley / produced by Don Foster.

Speech by Toure, former Black power leader Stokely Carmichael.

KPFA, May 1980.
BB5484 Arroyo Viejo Park : mass rally and picnic.

Sounds from the rally given by the Labor Committee to Combat Fascism, a part of the Black...

KPFK, 1 Sept. 1969.
BB5393.01 The Trial of Bobby Seale / Bobby Seale and Charles Garry.

Actuality from Bobby Seale's conspiracy trial.|THE TRIAL OF BOBBY SEALE / Bobby Seale and...

KPFK, 1970.
KZ0983 Blacks in prisons : two reports / by Mark Schwartz and Doug Walter.

On Ruchell Magee imprisoned because of his Black Panther activities; legal actions for the...

KPFK, 1974.
KZ1200 Justice in America : for African-Americans? / produced by Sylvester Rivers.

Documentary on how the American legal-judicial system works against Blacks and other minorities...

KPFK, 1982.
BC0341 Requiem for a bad nigger / produced by Bruce Gossard.

Documentary on the death of Soledad Brother George Jackson, and on his political views.

KPFK, 23 Aug. 1971.
KZ1412 The Counter intelligence program / Donald Freed ; interviewed by Corey Dubin.

Phone interview with Donald Freed, the author of Death in Washington. He discusses 1960's-...

KPFK, 25 Jan. 1985.
BB4617 Paul Jacobs : at a Black Panther meeting for Huey Newton.


KPFK, 26 Apr. 1968.
BB4584 At a Black Panther meeting : for the Huey Newton defense / Dick Gregory.

Speech in defense of Newton and the activities of the Black Panther Party.|AT A BLACK PANTHER...

KPFK, 27 Apr. 1968.
BB4803 The Slaying of George Jackson : response in the Black community of Los Angeles.

Edward Dino McZeal and James Standifer discuss the official report on Jackson's slaying and...

KPFK, 27 Aug. 1971.
BB4202.01 The Men / produced by David Stevens. (Episode 1 of 4)

Documentary and interviews about the slaying of prison guard John Mills at Soledad Correctional...

KPFK, 27 July 1970.
BB4542 Eldridge Cleaver at Trade Tech.

Speech at a rally held for the defense of Huey Newton about contemporary Black issues.|ELDRIDGE...

KPFK, 4 May 1969.
BB4510 Are the Black Panthers violent? / moderated by Elsa Knight Thompson.

Bobby Seale, Bob Avakian, and Michael Parker discuss the political activities of the Black...

KPFK, 5 June 1968.
KZ1101 Twelve years later / Geronimo Pratt ; interviewed by Sylvester Rivers.

Former Black Panther imprisoned on a murder charge, despite evidence to the contrary, discusses...

KPFK, Dec. 14, 1981.
BC0052 The trial of New York Panther 21 / interviews by Margot Adler and Jackie Friedrich (Part 1 only)

Margo Adler and Jackie Friedrich talk with four members of the jury on May 15, 1971, following...

American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WBAI, 15 May, 23 Jun., 11 Aug. 1971
BB3847.01 Towards a revolutionary constitution : special report on the plenary session, / Michael Tabor and Huey P. Newton ; reported by Bruce Soloway.

Keynote address by Tabor and speech by Newton on the political objectives of the Black Panthers...

WBAI, 15 Sept. 1970.
BC0363 Bobby Seale on Attica / interviewed by Deloris Costello.

Chairman of the Black Panther Party discusses his role in the Attica situation.

WBAI, 16 Oct. 1971.
BB5352 Bobby Seale and Charles Garry.

Discussion of Blacks in American politics and the Black Panther Party.

WBAI, 1970.
BB4253 New Haven free the Panthers rally / produced by Neal Conan and Paul Fischer.

Documentary on the demonstrations in support of Bobby Seale and Ericka Huggins.|NEW HAVEN FREE...

WBAI, 1972.
BB5316 The Death of George Jackson / produced by Deloris Costello.

Interviews of those who knew George Jackson, and a talk with Jackson shortly before his death. [...

WBAI, 1972.
BB3209 Causes and prevention of violence.

Actuality of testimony from Kingman Brewster; Henry Mayer; Sam Brown; Price Cobbs; and Huey...

WBAI, 2 Dec. 1968.
BB4006 A Talk with Jennifer Dohrn / interviewed by Bruce Soloway.

Discussion of her visits with Timothy Leary and Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther Party member....

WBAI, 23 Dec. 1970.
BC0213 William Kunstler visits the Huey Newton trial / interviewed by David Lawsky.

Discussion of the Huey Newton case by William Kunstler.

WBAI, 23 Sept 1971.
BB3148 Interviews with Eldridge Cleaver and Judith Mage / interviewed by Kay Lindsay.

Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party discuss their...

WBAI, 24 Oct. 1968.
BB3144 The Black Panther Party in New York / Jorge Aponte ; interviewed by Kay Lindsay.

Discussion of Black Panther activities in New York City.|THE BLACK PANTHER PART IN NEW YORK /...

WBAI, 24 Sept. 1968.
BC0315 The Oakland seven / reported by Don Porsche.

Report on the repression of anti-war activists in the Bay area. Includes statements by Huey...

WBAI, 26 Jan. 1964.
BB4342 David Hilliard and Bobby Seale.

Talks by two Black Panther defendents about the Chicago 7 conspiracy trial.|DAVID HILLIARD AND...

WBAI, 28 Apr. 1970.
BB5373 Panthers in Algiers vs. the National Party organization.

Eldridge Cleaver, Don Cox, Pete O'Neill, Larry Mack, Seiku Odinga, Barbara Cox, Kathleen...

WBAI, 5 Mar. 1971.
BB5324 H. Rap Brown.

Discussion of revolution, militancy, Black politics, the politics of sports, and the Commission...

WBAI, Oct. 1968.
KZ1953 On a taste of power : a Black woman's story / Elaine Brown ; interviewed by Gerald Horn.

Elaine Brown, author of "A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story," and a former...

AZ0896 Huey P. Newton funeral / introduced by Ginny Z. Berson.

Huey P. Newton funeral. Proceedings and biographical examination of the life and contributions...


r.1. Press conference at attorney Charles Gary's office following Newton's release on...

BB2531 Huey Newton : August 11, 1970

Huey Newton, the founder and Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party, is interviewed by...

14 Aug. 1970, 6 Sep. 1970
BB1632 Are the Black Panthers violent?

Elsa Knight Thompson moderates a panel discussion about the alliance between the Black Panthers...

BB5471 Bobby Seale at the Oakland auditorium.

Speech by Bobby Seale, chairman of the Black Panther Party, at the Free Huey Newton rally held...

1968-02-26. In KPFA Folio 1968-04-08.
BB5475A Bobby Hutton funeral and memorial service (Part 1 of 2)

Actuality of the memorial service held at Ephesian Church of God in Christ for Bobby Hutton (...

BB5475B Bobby Hutton funeral and memorial service (Part 2 of 2)

Continuation of the rally at Merritt Park in memory of Bobby Hutton (1950-1968), and in support...

BB5474 The Black Panther Party in Sacramento

This recording is an actuality, including interviews, of events on May 2, 1968 surrounding a bus...

BB4723 Bobby Seale for the defense of Huey Newton

Speech given on April 16, 1968 by Bobby Seale, Black Panther chairman, during a Black Panther...

BB1782 Police fire on Black Panther headquarters

KPFA's Colin Edwards reports on the police attack on the Black Panther Party headquarters...


Sensitive language: shit

BB2438 A visit with Huey Newton at Vacaville Prison Facility

Black Panther Party co-founder and leader Huey P. Newton discusses his imprisonment at Vacaville...

1968-10-18, 1968-12-06
BB5412 Yippie rally, Sproul steps, Berkeley

Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin and Eldridge Cleaver speak at the Yippie Pre-Erection Day rally on the...

BB2428 Eldridge Cleaver at California Hall

Black Panther Party Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver speaks at a meeting sponsored by...

BB5459 Eldridge Cleaver's speech at a noon rally

Actuality of Eldridge Cleaver's speech at the University of California, Berkeley campus in...

BB5473 Black Panther rally at Bobby Hutton Memorial Park

Actuality of a rally held at Bobby Hutton Memorial Park (a.k.a. DeFremery Park) in Oakland,...


Previous title: Black Panther rally : Oakland.

BB2424 Charles Garry : attorney for the Black Panthers.

Black Panther Party attorney Charles Garry gives a talk at a benefit for the Black Panther Party...

1970-01-05, 1970-02-09
BB5463 An interview with Huey Newton

Huey Newton, interviewed by Alex Hoffman, KPFA reporter. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther...

BB5458 A statement from Huey P. Newton

Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton speaks about his political activities and events...

BB2587 The funeral of Jonathan Jackson and William Christmas

The funeral service of Jonathan Peter Jackson (1953-1970) and William Arthur Christmas (1943-...

1970-08-17, 1970-10-20
BB4202.04 Interviews with the Soledad Brothers (Episode 4 of 4)

David Stevens conducts interviews with inmates at Soledad Prison in California. John Cluchette,...

BB4374 Eldridge Cleaver on the drug culture

Eldridge Cleaver speaks about the drug culture in the United States and about Timothy Leary....

BC0239.06 Huey Newton statement read by Bobby Seale at KPFA

Statement written by Huey Newton, read by Bobby Seale, expressing grief at the death of George...

BB5472 Eldridge Cleaver at California Hall

Black Panther Party Minister of Information Eldridge Cleaver speaks at a meeting sponsored by...

21 Nov. 1968.
BB3183 An Interview with Huey Newton

Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, talks with KPFA's...

22 June 1968.
BB5405 Intercommunal day of solidarity

On March 5, 1971, the Black Panther Party held an event at the Oakland Auditorium called "...

5 Mar. 1971.
BB5583.01A Washington D.c. Moratorium, April 15, 1970

Washington D.c. Moratorium, April 15, 1970| Recorded by WBAI. - CONTENT: Bill Schatler...

April 15, 1970
BB5583.01B Washington D.c. Moratorium, April 15, 1970

Washington D.c. Moratorium, April 15, 1970| Recorded by WBAI. - CONTENT: The program is...

April 15, 1970
BC0239 The death of George Jackson

George Jackson, one of the Soledad Brothers, was killed in San Quentin prison on August 21, 1971...


part 1: Interview with George Jackson, July 28, 1971 -- part 2: KPFA news update, leading with...


All reels have been digitized. See each part's record for ordering information.

August 21-23, 1971 and August 31, 1971.
BC0239.01 Interview with George Jackson

Interviewed three weeks before his death [August 21, 1971], George Jackson discusses prison...

August 22, 1971
PZ0287.135 Democracy Now : August 23 : Chicago 68

Democracy Now : August 23 : Chicago 68 / Pacifica Foundation| Produced by Julie Drizin and Amy...

August 23, 1996
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