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Bentley, Eric, 1916-

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BB0771.05 The Force of farce / Eric Bentley.

Talk on the psychological fulfillment of farce.

WBAI, 12 July 1961.
BB1000.12 Roaring all day long / by Eric Bentley ; directed by Isaiah Sheffer.

Adaptation for radio.

KPFA, 25 Apr. 1959.
BB2875 St. Joan of the stockyards / by Bertolt Brecht ; comments by Eric Bentley.

Bentley introduces excerpts of the 1932 German radio play.

KPFA, 12 Mar. 1970.
BB3137 The Theatre of commitment / Eric Bentley ; interviewed by Dale Minor.

Discussion of political art in the theater, and Bentley's book The Theatre of Commitment...

WBAI, 18 Feb. 1968.
BB3383 Fact in fiction / moderated by Eric Bentley.

Alfred Kazin, Susan Sontag, and Robert Lowell discuss the portrayal of real life in fiction.|...

WBAI, 6 May 1964.
BB3779.01 Brecht's career in songs and poems / Eric Bentley.

Examination of Brecht's life through his own work.|BRECHT'S CAREER IN SONGS AND POEMS...

WBAI, 9 Jan. 1964.
BB3779.03 A Man's a man / by Bertolt Brecht ; adapted by Eric Bentley ; directed by John Hancock.

Performance of Brecht's play.|A MAN'S A MAN / by Bertolt Brecht| adapted by Eric...

WBAI, 23 Jan. 1964.
BB3779.04 Bertolt Brecht before the Committee on Un-American Activities : an historical encounter / produced by Eric Bentley.

Actuality of Brecht's appearance before the U.S. investigative committee.|BERTOLT BRECHT...

WBAI, 30 Jan. 1964.
BB3779.05 Bentley singing Brecht songs.

Performance of songs by Brecht.

WBAI, 9 July 1967.
BB3779.07 The Trial of Lucullus : part two / by Brecht and Dessau.

Part two of a performance of the German opera.

WBAI, 2 July 1966.
BB3779.10 Baal / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's play.|BAAL / by Bertolt Brecht| analyzed by Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 2 June 1964.
BB3779.12 The Measures taken / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 30 July 1964.
BB3779.14 The Caucasian chalk circle / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 13 Aug. 1964.
BB3779.16 The Physicists / by Bertolt Brecht ; analyzed by Eric Bentley.

Analysis of Brecht's drama.

WBAI, 10 Sept. 1964.
BB3779.18 Good soldier Schweyk / by Bertolt Brecht ; introduced by Eric Bentley.

Recording of Brecht's drama.|GOOD SOLDIER SCHEYK / by Bertolt Brecth| introduced by Eric...

WBAI, 196-.
BB3779.19 St. Joan of Stockyards : excerpts / by Bertolt Brecht ; compiled by Eric Bentley.

Excerpts from the 1932 German radio production of Brecht's drama.|ST. JOAN OF STOCKYARDS :...

WBAI, 24 Sept. 1964.
BB3779.25 Songs and poetry / Eric Bentley.

Reading and performance of Brecht's work.|SONG AND POETRY / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 2 Feb. 1962.
BB3779.26 Brecht : songs and poetry / read by Eric Bentley.

Performance of Brecht's work.|BRECHT : SONGS AND POETRY / read by Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 196-.
BB3779.27 Brecht songs / performed by Ernst Busch and Gisela May ; introduced by Eric Bentley.

Performance of a variety of Brecht's songs performed by Ernst Busch and Gisela May; introduced...

WBAI, 2 Jan. 1966.
BB3779.43 Talk about Brecht / Eric Bentley.

On the life and work of Bertolt Brecht.|TALK ABOUT BRECHT / Eric Bentley...

WBAI, 28 Jan. 1962.
BB3779.56 Songs from Brecht plays / performed and narrated by Eric Bentley.

Performance and discussion of chronological selection of Brecht's music.|SONGS FROM BRECHT...

WBAI, 16 Jan. 1964.
BB3779.57 The Voice of Brecht himself / produced by Eric Bentley.

Collection of discussions, songs, and talks by Bertolt Brecht.|THE VOICE OF BRECHT HIMSELF /...


Discussion of his book Theater-arbeit -- Singing songs from Threepenny Opera -- Talk at a...

WBAI, 6 Feb. 1964.
BB3828.01-.11 News from the DMZ / produced by Peter Zanger ; reported by Eric Bently.

Exploration of the Vietnam War and America's role in that conflict.


r.1. 7 Nov. 1968 (32 min.) -- r.2. 21 Nov. 1968 (34 min.) -- r.3. 28 Nov. 1968 (30 min.) -- r.4...

WBAI, 7 Nov. 1968-30 Jan. 1969.
BB4873 Brecht sung by Bentley.

Songs of Bertoldt Brecht sung by Eric Bentley.|BRECHT SUNG BY BENTLEY / Eric Bentley...

KPFK, 12 May 1963.
BB4909 Ghelderode memorial / Eric Bentley and Arthur Wang.

Two talks.

KPFK, 27 Mar. 1964.
BC2070 Eric Bentley with Joe McCarthy.

Examination of tapes of Joe McCarthy and his investigations as Chairman of the House Committee...

WBAI, 197-.
BC2074 Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party? / by Eric Bentley

Dramatic reading of Bentley's play about the House committee on un-American activities....

BC2081 Free forum on freedom in the arts : blacklisting.

Eric Bentley, Frances Chaney, Conrad Bromberg, Edward Eliscue, Anne Revere, Tony Kraber, and...

WBAI, 197-.
IZ0056 The Shah and we / produced by Erica Schwartz.

How the Shah of Iran spent money in the U. S. Interviews with poet Reza Baraheni, attorney Jack...

WBAI, June 28, 1977.
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