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Barsamian, David.

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PRA Archive #sort descending Title Description Genre Broadcast Date
SZ0168 Anti-MX rally in Cheyenne / produced by David Barsamian.

Pro and con statements by John McNamer, Senator Gary Hart, April Moore, Admiral Eugene Carroll,...

KGNU, 1983.
SZ0187 Pablo Neruda / produced by David Barsamian.

A documentary on the Nobel prize-winning poet from Chile. Includes excerpts from his memoirs,...

KGNU, Feb. 6, 1983.
SZ0201 Gandhi / produced by David Barsamian.

Examination of Gandhi's life and philosophy and his influence today.|GANDHI / produced by...

KGNU, 23 Apr. 1983.
SZ0211 Nicolas Guillen / produced by David Barsamian.

Examination of life and work of the Cuban poet.|NICOLAS GUILLEN / produced by David Barsamian...

KGNU, 18 Sept. 1983.
SZ0212 Bitter Fruit : Guatemala 1954 / Stephen Schlesinger ; produced by David Barsamian.

Discussion of U.S. influence on Guatemalan politics and government.|BITTER FRUIT : GUATEMALA...

KGNU, Apr. 1983.
SZ0227 Clare Blanchard / interviewed by David Barsamian.

British feminist peace activist discusses her work.

KGNU, 1982.
SZ0228 Greenham Common Women's Peace Encampment / Clare Blanchard ; interviewed by David Barsamian.

British feminist and peace activist Clare Blanchard discusses the formation of the Greenham...

SZ0241 George Orwell / Bernard Crick ; interviewed by David Barsamian.

Orwell's biographer discusses the author's life and work.

KGNU, June 1984.
SZ0243 Israeli-Palestinian women / produced by David Barsamian.

Peace activists Rita Giacaman and Tamar Berger discuss their differences as Palestinian and...

KGNU, Apr. 1984.
SZ0249 British and European peace movements / Isabel Guy ; interviewed by David Barsamian.

Isabel Guy, the United States liason to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Britain...

26 Sept. 1984.
SZ0293 Ed Asner on social change / interviewed by David Barsamian.

Actor Ed Asner discusses his work with Medical Aid for El Salvador, media reporting of Central...

KGNU, 20 Aug. 1985.
SZ0318 The Lincoln Brigade and the Spanish Civil War / Milt Wolff ; interviewed and proudced by David Barsamian.

Milt Wolff, the last commander of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade discusses the role of that...

KRZA, 24 Jan. 1988.
SZ0376.02 Thought control : education and disinformation / Noam Chomsky ; interviewed by David Barsamian.

Discussion of disinformation techniques, and how public education supports the political and...

SZ0376.03 Punishments for opposition / Noam Chomsky ; interviewed by David Barsamian.

Discussion of methods for limiting opposition and promoting support of official views of America...

SZ0454 A Personal autobiography : Alexander Cockburn / interviewed by David Barsamian.

Author of Corruptions of Empire, and a noted journalist, Cockburn provides a personal view of...

KGNU, Boulder Colorado, 27 Jan. 1988.
SZ0497 Conversations with Noam Chomsky / interviewed by David Barsamian.

Chomsky, noted linguist and political activist, discusses issues such as: the system of...

SZ0498 The Question of Palestine : Edward Said / produced by David Barsamian.

Talk by the noted English professor from Columbia University, New York. He addresses the...

Satellite, 12 Apr. 1988.
SZ0499 The Culture and politics of Palestinian exile : Edward Said / interviewed by David Barsamian.

Noted English professor from Columbia University in New York City discusses his experience as a...

SZ0500 Media and politics : Daniel Schorr / produced by David Barsamian.

Daniel Schorr, National Public Radio's senior news analyst, talks about how the media...

SZ0501 Superpatriotism : Michael Parenti / interviewed by David Barsamian.

Michael Parenti presents an analysis of superpatriotism, which is the center of media coverage...

SZ0502 Native America : Russell Means / produced by David Barsamian.

Russell Means, a Native American rights activist and one of the founders of AIM (The American...

SZ0537 Conversion from a war economy : Seymour Melman / produced by David Barsamian.

A talk by Seymour Melman, in which he traces how and why the United States' ability to be...

SZ0538 Roots of U.S. intervention in Central America : Noam Chomsky / produced by David Barsamian.

Chomsky, a noted linguist, traces the systematic pattern of United States intervention in...

SZ0558 Saving the planet / Helen Caldicott ; recorded by David Barsamian.

Anti-nuclear, environmental activist Caldicott speaks on the necessity to change the way we live...

SZ0596 The Gulf crisis, the question of Palestine, and United States policy / Edward Said ; produced by David Barsamian.

Edward Said, author and Old Dominion Foundation Humanities Professor at Columbia University,...

SZ0597 Chomsky on United States Gulf policy / Noam Chomsky ; produced by David Barsamian.

Noam Chomksy, author and Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy and MIT, explains why diplomacy...

SZ0598 Roots of the Gulf crisis / Eqbal Ahmed ; produced by David Barsamin.

Eqbal Ahmed, editor and Professor Politics at Hampshire College, talks about internal and...

SZ0601 Origins of the Gulf War / Joel Beinin ; interviewed by David Barsamian ; produced by Alternative Radio.

Joel Beinin, Professor Middle East history at Stanford University and editor of Middle East...

Satellite, 5 Feb. 1991.
SZ0607 History of United States Mideast policy : motives and consequences / Joel Beinin ; produced by David Barsamian.

Talk by Joel Beinin, Professor of Middle East history at Stanford University and member of the...

2 Apr. 1991.
SZ0744 From genocide to resistance : the next 500 years / Winona LaDuke ; produced by David Barsamian.

Talk by Winona LaDuke, founding member of Women of All Red Nations and the Black Hills Alliance...

Satellite, 19 May 1992.
CSVBarsamian, David.