Democracy Now! February 25, 2003

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Democracy Now! February 25, 2003
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A People s History of the United States, 1,000,000 copies and counting: This book delivered our history to us said actress Alfre Woodard who joins Alice Walker, Danny Glover, Kurt Vonnegut, Marisa Tomei and others in celebrating Howard Zinn s classic; Historian Howard Zinn talks about bombs, terrorism, the anti-war movement and the Bush administration s impending war on Iraq; Iraq Journal: As the U.S. tells the world it is ready to go to war with or without the UN , we go to southern Iraq where thousands of children have fallen victim to a post-Gulf War cancer epidemic

9:00-9:01 Billboard 9:01-9:05 Headlines 9:05-9:06 One Minute Music Break 9:06-9:13: "You are not going to decide whether there is war in Iraq or not. That decision is ours, and we have already made it. It is already final. The only question now is whether the council will go along with it or not." That is the message U.S. diplomats are sending to fellow members of the UN Security Council according to a report in the Washington Post. Yesterday the U.S., Britain and Spain asked the Security Council to declare that Iraq missed its last chance to disarm. The U.S. is also warning that the future of the United Nations is at stake if the Security Council does not back Washington s plan. In response France, Russian and Germany called for four more months of strengthened inspections. A vote on the U.S. resolution is expected in the second week of March. White House officials hinted that military action could follow immediately. Meanwhile, Iraqis continue to prepare themselves for a U.S. attack. Jeremy Scahill reports from the southern Iraqi city of Basra. Tape: Jeremy Scahill, Democracy Now! correspondent Contact: 9:13-9:27: The majority of Americans have been taught a red, white and blue history of this country. In our grade schools, middle schools and high schools, we were taught Columbus discovered America. We were taught that the people who shaped history were the so-called great men like Columbus, Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. We were taught that every American has privileges, rights and freedoms unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Or if not all of us had those rights and freedoms in the past, at least we all enjoy them now. We were taught that we can all achieve success no matter how poor we grew up or what kind of racism we experience if we just try hard enough. We were taught that America is the best country in the world. Well, in 1960, a former shipyard worker and World War II Air Force bombadier decided to take on these myths, and to redefine patriotism. He spent the next two decades researching, and a feverish year writing. In 1980 he published a new kind of history of the United States. A history that looks at how ordinary people experienced life in this country from the ground up: a people s history. Who would have thought a history book could become a best-seller? Who would have thought that a history book could not only become a best seller, but could become ever more popular over the years? Who would have thought a little while ago, Professor Howard Zinn would have sold the millionth copy of his famous book, A People s History of the United States ? Well that s what happened, and on Sunday night in New York City, a group of renowned authors, actresses and editors gathered to pay homage to the book that changed history. Professor Zinn, Authors Alice Walker and Kurt Vonnegut, actresses and actor Alfre Woodard, Marisa Tomei and Danny Glover, editors Hugh Van Dusen of Harper Collins and Matthew Rothschild of the Progressive magazine and Professor Zinn s wife, Roslyn Zinn were all there. This is what they had to say 9:21-9:22 One Minute Music Break 9:22 9:28 Zinn Vox Pops CONTINUED Tape: Howard Zinn, Author, People s History of the United States Tape: Alice Walker, author, novelist and essayist Tape: Kurt Vonnegut, author Tape: Matthew Rothschild, Editor, The Progressive Tape: Alfre Woodard, actress Tape: Marisa Tomei, actress Tape: Danny Glover, actor Tape: Hugh Van Dusen, Editor, HarperCollins Publishers Tape: Roslyn Zinn, Howard Zinn s wife 9:28-9:43 : We ve been hearing authors and actors and fans of Professor Howard Zinn, celebrating Zinn s tremendous achievement: he has sold one million copies of his revolutionary book, A People s History of the United States. We go now to a speech Howard Zinn gave at the New School University earlier this month. He talks about bombs, terrorism, the anti-war movement and the Bush administration s impending war on Iraq. This is professor Howard Zinn. Tape: Howard Zinn, a professor emeritus of political science at Boston University and the author of 14 books, including A People's History of the United States, Postwar America, and You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train. He spoke earlier this month at the New School in New York City. 9:43-9:44 One Minute Music Break 9:44-9:58 HOWARD ZINN cont d 9:58-9:59 Outro and Credits Democracy Now! is produced by Kris Abrams, Mike Burke, Angie Karran, Ana Nogiera and Alex Wolfe. Mike Di Filippo is our music maestro and engineer.

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February 25, 2003
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February 25, 2003
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59 min.
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WBAI; Amy Goodman, host., February 25, 2003
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