United front against fascism.

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United front against fascism.
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Actuality of the three day rally organized by the Black Panther Party to discuss repression in America.

r.1. Philip Shapiro -- r.2. Martin Sharon, Dr. Dick Fine, and Dr. Bronson -- r.3. Father Earl Neal -- r.4. Vicki Cooper, Terry Cooper, Don Goldmacher -- r.5. Father Eugene Boyle, Dick York, and Rabbi Abram Fineberg -- r.6. Rabbi Abram Fineberg, Bobby Seale, and Reverend Jesse Jackson -- r.7. Reverend Jesse Jackson and Charles Garry -- r.8. religious speakers -- r.9. Andy Stapp -- r.10. Roberta Alexander, Bobby Seale, John McAllister, Peter Franck -- r.11.-r.13. Bobby Seale and Peter Franch -- r.14. Bobby Seale -- r.15. Dr. Nathan Hara -- r.16. Oscar Rios, Madalee Effram, and Bill Airs -- r.17. Bill Airs, Keane Martin, Roger Alvarado, and Arron Magenetti -- r.18. Aaron Magenetti -- r.19. Ed Keating and Bobby Seale -- r.20. Bobby Seale -- r.21. Bobby Seale, Carlton Goddlit, and Herbert Aptheker -- r.22. Herbert Aptheker -- r.23. Panel -- r.24. Penny Nakotza, Carol Thomas, and Evelyn Harris -- r.25. Evelyn Harris and Merlaine Dixon -- r.26. Ron Dennis -- r.27. Songs -- r.28. Robert McGowen, Bob Avakian, and Susan Carr -- r.29. Kinny Harston -- r.30. William Kunstler and Kathleen Cleaver -- r.31. William Kunstler, Ron Dellums, and Tom Jones -- r.32. Don Cox and Anna Williams -- r.33. Anna Williams -- r.34. Elaine Brown and Charles Garry -- r.35. Charles Garry -- r.36. Actualtiy.

Some of these recordings can be found in the series BB2250.1-.12, all of which have been digitized.

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in Oakland, California.
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KPFA, 18-20 July 1969.
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36 reels (ca. 1080 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1969.
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