Women's History Month 8 GB USB Jump Drive

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Women's History Month 8 GB USB Jump Drive
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This 77 hour compilation showcases Women's History through restored audio recordings dating back to the earliest days of community radio broadcasting.

Selections include:

Margaret Mead

Pauline Kael

Emma Goldman

June Jordan

Adi Gevins

Peace Walker

The Color Purple, Read by Alice Walker

An Audio-Biography of Helen Caldicott / Narrated by Lily Tomlin (

Women in Film

Women's Poetry and Prose

Molly Ivins

Rachel Carson and Silent

Mother's Day Special

Dolores Huerta: For our Children

Betty Friedan

Amy Goodman

Women of the World

Remembering Coretta Scott King and Langston Hughes

The Power of African American Women

International Women's Day Special

Bella Abzug

Miriam Makeba


Blues Legacies & Black Feminism

Lillian Hellman: American Playwright The Real Norma Rae (1980 - FTV178)

Carlos Castaneda & Lila Downs

Hollywood Blonde

Lady Day: Billie Holiday and the Invisible Man

Lorraine Hansberry

The American Woman,

The Diary of Anais Nin

The American Woman, Part 3

Diane di Prima and Lewis Hill

Lena Horne

High Tea with Mrs. Miller

Sarah Vaughan and Esther Phillips

Women in Film 2

Women Speak Out Against Fascism

Dr. Helen Caldicott - If You Love This Planet

Women's Music and Poetry from the Coffeehouse

Peggy Berryhill's Why Wounded Knee?

Gwendolyn Brooks and LeRoi Jones

Jane Fonda

Audre Lorde

Sister Helen Prejean and Death Row

Wangari Maathai

Toni Morrison, Walter Mosley, and Julius Lester

Voices of Feminism

Dreamweavers: Cultural Tales Told by Women

The Power of African American Women

Isabel Welsh: American Women in History

Angela Davis Collection

Women and the Civil Rights Movement / Dorothy Height

Women in Film

International Women's Year Conference, Houston

Women's Words / Adrienne Rich

Women of Color: Voices of Resistance

Female Beauty Rituals

The Beauty Myth



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