The poet's voice (Series record)

This is the series record for the series "The poet's voice," that was aired during "Afternoon air" hour on Fridays in June and July 1982. The series is likely KPFK broadcasting tapes of a televised program called "The poet's voice" from 1979 (no broadcast information available).

Bittersweet encounters: Blacks and Jews look at attitudes in their own communities, and at each other

"'Let my people go' Bittersweet encounters: Blacks and Jews discuss their history and their relationship to each other" was a four-night series of panel discussions looking into the evolution of Black and Jewish communities in the U.S. and the history of alliances and antagonisms between them.
r.1. Moving up : changing class, changing politics in the Jewish community / Rabbi Laura Geller, Dr. Neil Sandburg, Herschel Hartman. -- r.2. Moving up : changing class, changing politics in the Black community / Rev. Garnett Hennings, Ron Wilkins. -- r.3. My brother's keeper : Black alliances with other communities / Dr. M.R. Karenga, Earl Ofari. -- r.4.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy ; recorded by Emily Schiller

Reading of the novel over five days by actors; and bookended by "Music to listen to Tolstoy by" with Russian music provided by the KPFK Music Department. Readers include Henry Fonda, Jack Klugman, John Astin, Patty Duke Astin, Nina Foch, Peter Bogdanovich, Will Geer, Samantha Eggar, Jason Robards, and Valerie Harper.
December 1974 Folio notes: “Reading aloud was once a familiar pastime, back in the days before film and television took over our lives. It was an encompassing experience that bound people together. It is in this spirit that we offer up our Christmas present of Anna Karenina.
Readers are: Carole Androsky, David Arias, John Astin, Patty Duke Astin, Bill Bassert, Dick (Richard) Benjamin, Peter Bogdanovich, Peter Bonerz, Roger Bowen, Antoinette Bower, David Boxall, Steve Brown, Roscoe Lee Browne, Ruth Buell, Jean Burton, Frank Campanella, Joseph Campanella, Richard Cottrell, Severn Darden, Carla Degovia, Kamala Devi, Samantha Eggar, Don Elson, Barbara Feldon, Nina Foch

Women poets reading; produced by Mimi Anderson

Series record for a series of programs featuring women poets reading selections of their own work. All recordings produced by Mimi Weisbord Anderson for WBAI. r.1. Robin Morgan (37 min.) -- r.2. Adrienne Rich reads from Snapshots of a Daughter-in-law and Necessities of Life (20 min.) -- r.3. Verandah Porche (36 min.) -- r.4. Audre Lorde (23 min.).

Contemporary writing / produced by Alvaro Cardona-Hine

Throughout February 1972, KPFK broadcast a show on women writers, produced by Everett Frost and Alvaro Cardona-Hine. The April 1972 program featured a male writer.
r.1. Rosella Pace (47 min.) -- r.2. Barbara Hughes (49 min.) -- r.3. Deena Metzger (60 min.) -- r.4. Holly Prado (50 min.) -- r.5. missing -- r.6. Sid Gershgoren (51 min.).

Women in the arts

The emerging female consciousness in the arts is the focus of this five-part series which will discuss feminist work of the past and present.
r.1. Faith Wilding and Judy Chicago. (29 min.) -- --r.2. Feminism : Judy Chicago with Miriam Schapiro, Susan Titleman, and Connie Zaer (27 min.) -- r.3. Faith Wilding and Chris Rush discuss New Feminist Poetry (34 min.) -- r.4. Anais Nin and Judy Chicago discuss the development of female consciousness -- (29 min.) -- r.5.
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